Elon Musk warns against ‘demonizing oil and gas’

A U.S. Navy destroyer in the Red Sea was able to shoot down an attack drone launched from an area controlled by Houthi rebels, U.S. Central Command said in a statement on Saturday. The statement said: “In the early morning of December 16 (Sanaa time), the US Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Carney (DDG … Read more

Kenyan army officer stoned to death for rescuing girl undergoing female genital mutilation

The Israeli army’s death toll in the Gaza Strip has nearly doubled compared with losses from ground attacks in 2014, reflecting the extent of Israel’s incursion into the Strip and the success Hamas militants have had in exploiting the guerrilla war and its Huge arsenal of weapons. Israeli military experts, an Israeli commander and a … Read more

They stole things from passengers’ bags.Group of ’employees’ arrested at Spanish airport

Earlier this month, workers at a Canadian construction company successfully moved a 440,000-pound building that was more than 200 years old after using hundreds of bars of soap, according to a report published by the newspaper. )building.Washington post“American. The construction company owned by Sheldon Rushton was tasked with relocating the building in Halifax, capital of … Read more

Washington approves sale of $300 million worth of defense equipment to Taiwan

Israel announced on Friday it had launched an investigation into the killings of two Palestinians after an Israeli rights group released video footage that appeared to show Israeli soldiers killing two Palestinians and incapacitating one during a military operation. The other man was unarmed. Attack on a refugee camp in the West Bank. B’Tselem human … Read more

Source: Egyptian air defenses shoot down a ‘flying object’ off the coast of Dahab

Egypt’s air defense systems detected a “flying object” near Egyptian territorial waters in the city of Dahab in South Sinai governorate, Cairo news channels reported on Saturday, citing senior sources. “Egyptian air defense systems detected the flying object and dealt with it immediately,” the source said. Witnesses reported that “a flying object fell from Egyptian … Read more

Special voting begins in Iraq provincial council elections

Special electoral voting centers opened their doors to voters in cities across Iraq on Saturday for special voting in provincial council elections. On Friday, the Independent High Electoral Commission confirmed that more than one million Iraqis participated in the special voting process, including security forces and displaced people, as well as more than one million … Read more

‘Satellite Evidence’.. Report: Israeli troops destroy Gaza cemeteries

Satellite images and video footage show Israeli ground forces destroying at least six cemeteries in the northern Gaza Strip, where they are waging war against Hamas, a newspaper reported. New York Times. The newspaper noted that the law of armed conflict considers “deliberate destruction of religious sites without military necessity to be a potential war … Read more