War in Ukraine… ‘Explosions’ in Kiev and ‘Dozens of drones’ in Crimea

Explosions were heard across the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Friday as air defense forces confronted Russian drones, Reuters witnesses said, after Moscow confirmed that “26 Ukrainian drones” were shot down in Russia in two hours. Airspace over the Crimean Peninsula. Attached.

Kiev Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said air defense units dealt with the situation as swarms of drones flew close to the city.

There have been no reports of any injuries or serious damage.

Witnesses reported hearing a series of loud explosions shortly after midnight. They added that sirens were sounded on the east bank of the Dnieper River, but police on the other side used loudspeakers to warn residents of air raids, Reuters reported.

According to reports, on Friday night, the Russian military confirmed that it shot down 26 Ukrainian drones in the airspace of the Crimean Peninsula annexed by Moscow within two hours, and noted that it had repelled a “terrorist attack” launched by Kiev. AFP report.

“Russian air defense systems destroyed 26 air strikes over Crimea,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, without mentioning losses or casualties.

She explained that the parade was canceled “between 20:30 and 22:30” (17:30 and 19:30 GMT).

The Crimean peninsula has been subject to regular sea and air attacks by drones, but the Russian military has rarely confirmed destroying large numbers of drones at once.

Earlier on Friday evening, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had shot down six Ukrainian drones in the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine.

The ministry announced via Telegram that it had neutralized two drones and then four more using its air defense systems. She added that the devices were targeting “facilities on Russian territory” but gave no further details.

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Kursk Region Governor Roman Starovoit confirmed that Russian troops repelled the drone attack and called on residents to “remain calm” via Telegram.

Drone attacks are an almost daily occurrence in Russian regions bordering Ukraine, but incursions by swarms like the one on Friday remain less frequent.

Moscow and its surrounding areas have been targeted by drones in recent months.

Russia, for its part, bombs Ukrainian cities on a daily basis. This week it carried out massive drone strikes in southern Ukraine and used ballistic missiles to target Kiev, injuring about 50 people with fragments.

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