US threatens North Korea to take steps “that will lead to the end of Kim’s regime”

Washington warned North Korea that any nuclear attack on it or its allies would be unacceptable and would lead to the end of Kim Jong Un’s regime, the United States and South Korea said in a joint statement on Saturday.

“The United States reiterates that any nuclear attack by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea against the Republic of Korea will receive a swift, overwhelming and decisive response,” the statement said.

The nuclear advisory group between the United States and South Korea held its second meeting in Washington on Friday.

North Korea announced it was suspending a 2018 agreement with South Korea aimed at easing military tensions after South Korea partially suspended the agreement earlier on Wednesday, Yonhap News Agency reported.

“We will resume military measures to prevent tensions and military conflicts in all areas on land, sea and air, and we will deploy strong armed forces and advanced military equipment in border areas,” the North Korean Defense Ministry said.

This comes after South Korea announced on Wednesday that it was partially suspending the agreement and would resume surveillance operations along the border in response to Pyongyang’s announcement that it had successfully launched a spy satellite the night before.

The United States and its allies have condemned the launch of the Malegyong-1 satellite under the supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and called it a “blatant violation” of United Nations sanctions.

Pyongyang said the satellite was in orbit and that Kim had seen his photos of the US military base in Guam.

Seoul’s military said the satellite was in orbit but said it was too early to tell whether it was working properly.

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