Stopping him from sleeping with women… The trial of a businessman accused of killing a restaurant owner begins today

01:59 AM

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Books- Saber Al-Mahlawi:

Today, Saturday, the South Giza Criminal Court is hearing the trial of a household appliances dealer accused of killing the owner of a food store “restaurant” in Badassin because he prevented him from sleeping with a woman.

The transfer order in Badrashin Felony Case No. 4912 of 2023 states that the accused “AAM”, 39, a dealer in household appliances, killed the victim in Badrashin district on March 28 last year. The defendant killed the victim. “A 27-year-old man, the owner of a barbecue restaurant, deliberately and premeditatedly expressed his intention and determination to commit suicide due to a dispute between the two. Once caught, investigation showed that he used white The knife stabbed him with the intention of killing him and caused the autopsy described in the description, which claimed his life.

The investigation added that an argument broke out between the victim and the defendant, the owner of a home appliances store in the Zawiat Dehshur area of ​​Badashin, south of Giza, “who is his neighbour”, while the defendant got into a fight with someone who was passing by A woman is contacted. She approached the victim on the street for help and the two got into an altercation which eventually turned into a row and the defendant ended the victim’s life and stabbed her several times inside the store.

The investigation also alleges the defendant possessed a knife without a license and without professional or professional necessity.

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