Special voting begins in Iraq provincial council elections

Special electoral voting centers opened their doors to voters in cities across Iraq on Saturday for special voting in provincial council elections.

On Friday, the Independent High Electoral Commission confirmed that more than one million Iraqis participated in the special voting process, including security forces and displaced people, as well as more than one million people as observers, media personnel and poll workers. Provincial council elections take the form of closed voting and general voting.

“The number of security force members allowed to vote is 1,002,393, the number of voting centers is 565 and there are 2,367 polling stations,” Imad Jamil, head of the council’s media team, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

The displaced persons, numbering 48,260 in the camps, will vote together with security forces in 35 voting centers and 120 polling stations.

Jameel continued: “More than one million citizens will participate in the monitoring, management and media coverage of the electoral process. These numbers are unprecedented and the first time in the electoral process.”

The provincial assemblies of Iraq are considered the legislative and supervisory bodies of each province, as these elected assemblies have the power to enact local legislation that enables them to manage their own affairs in accordance with the principles of administrative decentralization without conflict with the constitution and the federation . Laws that fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the authorities.

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According to the Law on Provinces Not Organized in Regions promulgated in 2008, the election cycle of the Iraqi Provincial Council was extended by four years from the first session.

A provincial assembly consists of 10 members and, according to the latest census for compiling the electoral register, one seat for every 200,000 people if the population exceeds 1 million, provided the total number of members does not exceed 35.

Each province has other branches called district councils as district council elections are the second phase held within 6 months from the date of holding provincial council elections.

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