‘Satellite Evidence’.. Report: Israeli troops destroy Gaza cemeteries

Satellite images and video footage show Israeli ground forces destroying at least six cemeteries in the northern Gaza Strip, where they are waging war against Hamas, a newspaper reported. New York Times.

The newspaper noted that the law of armed conflict considers “deliberate destruction of religious sites without military necessity to be a potential war crime.”

Photos showed Israeli forces destroying part of a Tunisian cemetery where they had set up a makeshift military base, showing the presence of armored vehicles and earthen fortifications.

The Israeli military did not respond to questions from The New York Times about whether it took precautions to protect religious sites in Gaza and why it bulldozed and demolished some cemeteries.

The newspaper confirmed that the Israeli army was using at least one cemetery in Gaza as a “temporary base” for military vehicles, noting that much of the damage to the cemetery occurred in December when Israeli forces were moving toward what Israeli officials believed was still a Hamas stronghold. The region advances. .

Israel began its campaign to eliminate Hamas militants who control Gaza after they stormed Israel’s southern border fence on October 7, killing 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking 240 hostages of all ages. The War of Mas Movement. According to Reuters.

Israel has established military installations at some cemeteries.Archives – Expressive

Israeli bombings and sieges have since killed more than 18,000 people, mostly women and children, according to the Palestinian health authority. It also resulted in the destruction of large areas of the Gaza Strip and the displacement of much of the population. its inhabitants.

In early December, Israeli military vehicles destroyed dozens of graves in a smaller cemetery near Tunisia Cemetery, the newspaper reported.

Satellite images showed new debris and military vehicles at the Fallujah cemetery, while video footage showed damage to the cemetery, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper reported that the photos showed “the possible establishment of a military base in a cemetery in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.”

The New York Times identified other cemeteries destroyed by Israeli forces in the areas of Sheikh Aguilin and Shujaya (neighborhoods in Gaza City) and Beit Lahiya (a city in the Gaza Strip).

The high death toll has left most cemeteries in the Gaza Strip overcrowded and those located on the border with areas targeted by Israel’s ruthless bombing are inaccessible, prompting families to act according to their abilities, French news agency France News Agency reported. News report.

In early November, Israel bombed the Palestinian Jabaliya refugee camp. The Gaza Strip’s health ministry said the bombing of residential homes killed dozens of people and residents found about 50 bodies, including women and children.

The bodies were trucked to Indonesian hospitals and some were transported to cemeteries in horse-drawn carriages. But they found no place to bury her. Mourners went to a dirt football field behind an Indonesian hospital, dug a large rectangular pit, divided the pit into two parts, one for men and one for women, buried the dead, then covered the pit with tinfoil and spread dust. it.

Before the war, the stadium in the Tal Zatar area of ​​the refugee camp was designated for local matches and was affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

Surrounding the stadium are three United Nations schools that were converted into shelter centers for displaced persons during the war, with washed clothes hanging on the balconies.

The United States wants Israel to lessen the severity of its operations in the Gaza Strip, a White House spokesman confirmed on Thursday, while President Joe Biden urged Israel to do more to protect civilians.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told a news conference that national security adviser Jake Sullivan asked Israeli officials “troublesome questions” about the progress of the Israeli attack during a visit to Israel on Friday. Gaza Strip.

During the visit, Sullivan discussed the possibility of transitioning Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip into “less severe actions in the near future.”

Rising civilian casualties in Gaza have intensified the dispute between Israel and its U.S. allies.

“I think we all want (the war) to end as soon as possible,” Kirby added, stressing that the conflict “could stop today” if Hamas surrendered, which “doesn’t look likely at this point.”

The spokesman reiterated that Washington “will not impose conditions on Israel” and pointed to the timetable proposed by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant, in which he warned that the war “will take more than a few months.” , which is “consistent” with the previous schedule. Statement from Israeli officials.

Later, the White House said Sullivan was looking into “providing conditions for transitioning over time from high-intensity operations to precise, low-intensity operations targeting remaining members of Hamas.”

“I want them (Israelis) to focus on how to save civilian lives and not stop going after Hamas but to be more careful,” Biden told reporters after an event at a medical research center near Washington.

Biden is a strong supporter of Israel, but on Tuesday he offered his strongest criticism of the country, warning it could lose international support due to “indiscriminate bombings.”

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