Private | ‘This is an offer that cannot be refused.’ Al-Shabaab throws a decisive card to Zamalek, demands ‘Zizu’

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The Zamalek Club board, headed by Hussein Labib, is under double pressure to agree to waive star and top scorer Ahmed Said ” Services of Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”.

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Last summer, “Zizou” became the main target of the Saudi Al-Shabaab club, and he performed well in Zamalek’s match against Al Raiyus in the Arab Championship in Saudi Arabia. In addition, he also played for Zamalek. Excellent results were also achieved in the competition. He played 208 games for the White Knights, scoring 70 goals and providing 70 assists. 56 times.

“Goal” learned that the youth training management department communicated with “Zizou” in these hours to convince him to wear the Riot jersey at Mercato next winter, hoping that he will correct the team contribute to the road. Ranked 11th with 18 points.

A private source within Zamalek said the player has received formal notification from the youth management, which has offered him a hefty salary of around $2 million per season, equivalent to what he currently does at Zamalek About 5 times Gram’s salary.

The source added that Zamalek has not received any formal offer from Al-Shabaab, but the Saudi club’s management contacted the player and his father and informed him that he was prepared to tempt the White Castle council with a huge offer of up to £5 million. . dollars, and could add another million dollars.

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Such a huge return would tempt Hussein Rabie’s committee to give up on Zizou, despite insisting on the player and promising in all their statements before the election that Zizou was an asset to the club and untouchable. However, the financial crisis the club is suffering prevents it from lifting the suspension imposed on it. Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

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