Never rebuke Al-Hilal again. This is how Al-Ahly avenged 2005 at the heart of the radiant gem!

The red elf never gives up on his revenge…

In a match that was much talked about before the game, the atmosphere between Al-Ittihad and Egypt’s Al-Ahli was completely different, with the latter winning with a hat-trick, shocking the Dean’s supporters.

Ahly refused to give up revenge for their first defeat in the 2005 World Cup, which came against Al-Ittihad in 2005 due to Mohamed Noor’s goal, but there is a difference between today and yesterday!

Sure, what happened was unexpected, not least the Etihad’s high score at the Rays Gem Stadium, but otherwise everything was to be expected.

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Everything went as expected!

Expect the Etihad to find themselves weakened against a team who are more physical than before, who know exactly where to eat their shoulders and won’t get into a physical duel as they are very aware of themselves The opponent’s physical condition will not be able to keep up with it.

Al Ahly were also expected to go into the second half sweeping the Etihad on a physical and tactical level and taking advantage of the aging midfield duo of Kante and Fabinho as well as their movement.

Al-Ali is expected to hurt Al-Ittihad on every rebound, while the trio of Percy Tau, Hussein Shahat and Al-Khahraba will play in head coach Marcelo Gallardo’s weak Find what they want within the defensive structure.

Originally thinking that everyone would see a completely different opponent from Auckland City, this made Etihad fall into the trap of wishful thinking and let its supporters believe that Ahly is Auckland!

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Don’t blame the “incomplete” new moon!

Of the three drinks tasted at Al Etihad, Auckland drank from the same drink as Al Ahly in a technical and physical battle that saw Marcel Kohler beat Marcelo Gallas Much, the gap between Marcelo and Marcelo Bang is huge and far away.

What is certain now is that Al Hilal fans are no longer the only ones to suffer a crushing defeat by their opponents. When your supporters are forced to leave the stadium with disappointment, the trophy becomes even more bitter for this shining jewel, so let the Saudis Let’s stop blaming Al Hilal. Well, the 2020 quadruple match was the team that suffered a disastrous defeat. It lost heavyweight players due to expulsion. So what else does Al-Ittihad have to reach the final? Where’s the excuse? More games than Al Ahli? ! .

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