Mother and daughter killed by occupation bullets in Gaza’s Holy Family Church

  • Occupying forces threaten to evacuate church, which houses more than 600 displaced people

A mother and daughter were killed by Israeli occupying force snipers at the Holy Family Church in the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

Witnesses said occupation tanks surrounding Gaza City’s Zaitoun neighborhood targeted anyone operating in the church square.

The occupying forces threatened more than 600 displaced people, most of them Christians in Gaza, to evacuate the church.

On Saturday morning, occupying forces bombed the YMCA in Gaza, which houses 300 displaced persons, killing six Palestinians and injuring many others.

On October 19 last year, the Israeli occupying forces deliberately attacked a Greek Orthodox church housing displaced people in downtown Gaza, resulting in the martyrdom of 18 Palestinians.

latin patriarchate

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem said: “An Israeli occupation sniper assassinated two Christian women in Gaza’s Holy Family parish, where most Christian families have taken refuge since the start of the war. Nahida and her daughter Samar were shot while being shot.” “They were on their way to a nun’s monastery. One of them fell while rescuing another. Seven were injured.” “Others were shot while trying to help others within the monastery walls. Without any warning or Notice. They were shot in cold blood inside the convent building without resistance.”

She added in a statement received by Roya, “Earlier that morning, a missile fired from an Israeli tank targeted the Mother Teresa (Missionaries of Charity) monastery, which houses a convent. More than 54 disabled persons, and is located within the walls of the famous church.” It has been a place of worship since the beginning of the war. The fuel tank and generator (which were) the only sources of energy were destroyed. The monastery was damaged by explosions and fires, and two other missiles fired by Israeli tanks targeted the same monastery, rendering it uninhabitable. People with disabilities are forced to leave their homes, which prevents “them” from receiving respirators, which are necessary for some of them to survive. Additionally, three people were injured inside the temple walls last night as a result of heavy bombardment of the area. Solar panels and water tanks, essential to life, were also destroyed. “

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The Patriarchate concluded its statement by saying: “As we join in prayer with the entire Church, we express our closeness and condolences to the families who have suffered this senseless tragedy. At the same time, we cannot help but express our disappointment at this event.” Latin “In Jerusalem, we are deeply concerned about the development of the situation and we will provide you with the latest developments,” the Patriarch continued.

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