Midnight Express | New developments on Ethiopia’s dam crisis…and evening details

02:30 am

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Books- Mohammad Shaq
The past eight hours have been marked by political, social and economic events in Egypt.

“Masrawy” monitors the most important events that took place in various parts of the Republic yesterday evening Saturday as follows:

The flow stopped…Water resources experts reveal new developments in Renaissance Dam crisis

Dr. Abbas Sharaqi, a professor of water resources at Cairo University, posted on the social networking site Facebook: The flow of water has stopped above the central corridor of the Renaissance Dam. The fourth water storage capacity is about 24 billion cubic meters. As of September 9 last year, The total volume is 41 billion cubic meters.
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National elections: We have not received any appeals from presidential election candidates

In breaking news, the National Electoral Administration announced in breaking news that it has not received any appeals from presidential election candidates or their agents against the decisions of the General Council on voting procedures, Extra News satellite channel reported.
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Shabra, windy, rainy…The meteorological department announced the weather conditions for the next 6 days

The General Meteorological Administration has announced the expected weather conditions and temperatures for the next six days.
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Imam Competition 2023…Exam Date and How to Check

Minister of Endowments Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa announced the method of inquiry for the Imam Competition 2023 and said that among the “signed” applicants for the Imam Competition 2023, all those whose names are published and have the right to participate in the oral examination must appear on the website of the Central Organizing Governing Body .
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