Maybe it will happen soon… Anderson Talisca is preparing a surprise for Al-Nasr and his fans!

Brazilian Anderson Talisca, a star player for Al Nasser Al Saud’s first team, is preparing a surprise for Alami and its fans.

Talisca, 29 years old, joined Alnas Club in the summer of 2021 from Guangzhou Evergrande, China; he recently renewed his contract until June 30, 2026.

In a statement to Al-Riyadiah newspaper, Taliskar announced that he has no objection to releasing a song for Al-Nasr Club in the coming period. It is written in both Arabic and English.

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The Brazilian star expressed his great pleasure to be part of the huge development that Saudi sport is currently witnessing. This secured the country the right to host the 2034 World Cup.

Regarding his concerts in the Middle East, Anderson Talisca confirmed that he finally realized his dream and presented what he loves on Saudi soil.

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