Lecture by Pope Tawadros in the Course of Priestly Church Management and Development

06:10 PM

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Books-Islam Lutfi:
Pope Tawadros II met this Saturday morning at the Logos Center at the pontifical headquarters of the Holy Episcopal Monastery of Wadi El Natron, a group of 59 priests who are receiving the services offered by the Coptic Institute Basic training courses take up positions in Church Administration and Development (COPTICAD) within forty days of their appointment.

He gave a lecture entitled “Seven Principles for Governing Chaplaincy Services.” The seven principles are as follows:

1- The first year of the priesthood, is the introductory year during which the priest establishes his life and service throughout his priesthood.

2- The Bible is the guardian of your thoughts, beliefs, doctrines, and services.

3- The key to the heart is love, service depends on how much you love others.

4. The self is the greatest enemy of the priest, and most of the problems in church service occur because of the self.

5- Renewal of life and service is a constant need of the priestly priesthood.

6- A priest’s concern for his family is crucial because his family is his support and his wife is his partner in success.

7- The priest must always keep his eye on the end, for things end better than they began.

The training process will end on December 23 and the courses will be conducted by professors from the Coptic Institute of Church Administration and Development (COPTICAD), led by Dr. Magdy Latif Al-Sindi, Director of the Institute, and with the Magdy Consulting Institute.
The training content includes: practical concepts and methods of church management and church institutional work, pillars of wise management (rational management or governance of the church), development principles from a Christian perspective, and the role of priests in management. The church as an institutional working system.

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The Pope celebrated Holy Mass yesterday morning at the Transfiguration Church in the center of Logos, and the new priests also participated in his speech today.

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