“Kill the people inside.” Occupation forces used bulldozers to crush the tents of displaced people in the square

06:51 PM

Saturday, December 16, 2023


Al Jazeera reporters said occupying forces used bulldozers to crush the tents of dozens of patients and displaced people in the courtyard of Kamal Adwan Hospital and buried them alive.

Since dawn today, Saturday, dozens of Palestinians, including children and women, have been killed and others injured in Israeli occupation bombings, and dozens of houses, buildings, residential apartments and public and private properties have been destroyed. Land, sea and air transport to the Gaza Strip.

According to the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA) today, “Occupation warplanes bombed two houses in the northern Gaza Strip, killing at least 14 citizens and injuring many others.”

“Occupation aircraft bombed a house in Jabaliya, killing dozens of citizens, including children and women, and injuring dozens more, while a large number of civilians are still trapped under the rubble,” the agency said. “The shooting occurred Later, an occupation sniper shot and killed a young man at his home in the Tal Zatar district of northern Gaza.”

Israeli gunboats fired heavy machine guns in the Rafah Sea south of the Gaza Strip, and the eastern part of Khan Younis province came under continuous shelling.

The agency revealed that “Israeli forces have completely destroyed the southern area of ​​Kamal Adwan Hospital, which is under siege for the eighth consecutive day due to severe shortages of water and food. The occupation also continues to repress” and abuse medical staff there personnel, 12 children are still locked in the incubator. “No water or food.”

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“For the third consecutive day, the occupation authorities continued to cut off telephone communications and the Internet in all areas of the Gaza Strip,” the agency said.

Wafa said, “Since Israel launched its aggression on October 7 last year, the number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip has increased to 18,700, 70% of whom are children and women, and the number of injured has exceeded 1,000.” 51,000 people, and thousands more People are missing. “

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