Journalist Asim Musa killed in Khan Yunis bombing

  • Occupation continues to target journalists in Gaza Strip, obliterating the truth

Journalist Assem Kamal Musa was killed on Saturday in a bombardment in the Khan Younis area of ​​the southern Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, Roya journalists reported.

In another context, photojournalist Samer Abu Daqqa, a cameraman for Al Jazeera in the Gaza Strip, was martyred hours after he was injured while covering an Israeli bombing of the Farhana school in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

According to Al Jazeera, Samer was injured by a missile fired from an Israeli aircraft and was trapped near Farhana School for about six hours, with ambulances unable to reach him.

The Gaza Ministry of Health announced that since the beginning of the war, the number of martyrs has increased to 18,787, including 7,739 children and 4,885 women, and the number of injured has exceeded 50,897.
On the other hand, the occupying forces announced the killing of approximately 1,200 settlers and soldiers, while the Israeli occupying forces admitted to the killing of 450 officers and soldiers since October 7.

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