“It starts with Barcelona and ends with Al Ahli.” Gallardo’s suffering in the Club World Cup is not over!

Argentinian Marcelo Gallardo, the Etihad technical director, has once again fallen into the trap of a Club World Cup defeat, turning his participation in the tournament into an ongoing curse and a huge pain.

Yesterday Friday, Jeddah Al-Ittihad suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of Egypt’s Al Ahli (3-0), with the Saudi champions bidding farewell to the tournament in their homeland and wasting their World Cup dreams. Despite a good start by defeating Auckland City in the preliminary round with the same result.

The recent loss to Egypt’s Al Ahly added to a string of negative results for Gallardo at the Club World Cup, as it was his third appearance in the Club World Cup after playing for Argentina’s River Plate in 2015 and 2018. cup.

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Gallardo made his World Cup debut in 2015 and led River Plate to the final, their most successful ever, after defeating Japan’s Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the semi-finals (1-0), but he suffered a shock in the final Lost to Barcelona (0-3).

In its second appearance in the competition in 2018, River Plate lost to Al Ain of the United Arab Emirates on penalties (5-4) in the semi-finals, resulting in a draw (2-2) in both regulation and overtime. , they played a bronze medal match and finally defeated Japan’s Kashima Antlers 4-0 to win the bronze medal.

With yesterday’s defeat to Al Ahly and his farewell to the competition, the Argentine coach’s Club World Cup index has dropped significantly, and the problem not only continues, but is getting worse.

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