Israel’s UN representative: Gaza war is not a response to Hajj

12:42 am

Saturday, December 16, 2023


Israel’s representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, claimed that the United Nations was determined to turn a blind eye to Hamas’ massacres.

Addressing the General Assembly on Friday, the occupation representative continued: “The ceasefire in Gaza means the end of our war against Hamas, and the decision to impose a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza is aimed at keeping Hamas in power.”

The occupation representative added: “There are still 132 hostages in Gaza, and Hamas does not allow the Red Cross to visit them. If the General Assembly wants a ceasefire in Gaza, it must first do everything it can to return the hostages to their homes.” Furthermore, since October 7 Since the beginning of the day, Hamas has fired 11,000 rockets at Israel.

Israel’s representative to the United Nations claimed: “Israel’s actions and war in Gaza are not a response to the attacks on October 7, but an attempt to ensure that these atrocities do not happen again.”

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