How to get a replacement card for a lost or damaged ration card from home

01:42 PM

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Books-Mohammed Sami:

The Egyptian Digital Portal offers the service of replacing lost ration cards at home to save citizens time and effort, especially since ration cards are very important in paying for food supplies.

Through the Digital Egypt Portal, citizens can replace damaged or lost ration cards through simple steps on the Digital Egypt Portal, as follows:

1- The first step to replace a lost or damaged ration card is to log in through the Egyptian Digital Portal, from here.

2- Citizen chooses between services and click on “Replace lost or damaged ration card”.

3- All data must be entered correctly.

4- The citizen then clicks OK and enters the ration card number.

5- Select the province, enter the country number of the ration card holder and click on the word “View”.

6- Enter the mobile number registered in the name of the ration card holder and select the lost or damaged ration card application for replacement page.

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