Head of the Clothing Merchants Syndicate: The war in Gaza has affected procurement demand

  • Allen: Business activity in the industry is moderate
  • Allen: Sales in the sector have been affected by current weather conditions

Sultan Allen, president of the General Union of Clothing, Footwear and Textile Merchants, said business activities in the clothing and footwear industry in the local market are currently at an “average” level.

In a press statement to the Jordan News Agency, Allen added:Petra“Procurement has improved slightly compared to earlier this year.

He explained that sales in the industry are affected by current weather conditions, which affect market trends and that various commodities are in high supply.

Gaza war

Allan stressed that although prices in some categories have stabilized between 3% and 5%, the decline in the purchasing power of citizens and difficult conditions in the Gaza Strip have negatively affected the activity in the sector.

He noted that Saudi clothing imports during the current winter season are estimated at around 90 million dinars and shoes at 14 million dinars, noting that these figures are only approximate.

in-kind donation

Allen confirmed that Gaza Strip businessmen have partnered with Jordanian Hashemite charities to donate $3.06 million worth of in-kind donations through the “Gaza in Our Hearts” campaign to support the people of the Gaza Strip who are suffering from Israeli aggression. Profession.

He said the number of donated clothes and shoes reached 558,000 items, coming from businessmen in Jordan and abroad, including China, Turkey, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Notably, the apparel, footwear and textile industry is considered one of the largest business sectors in Jordan and contributes significantly to the local economy.

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