“Environment”: Six chimneys of Cairo Company strengthen electronic control

11:43 am

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Books- Mohammad Nassar:

Environment Minister Dr. Yasmin Fouad announced that the electronic linkage work of the continuous self-monitoring system for chimney emissions of the No. 3 chimney modification unit of the Cairo Refinery Company (Mostorod Plant) has been completed.

Elements (total solid particles, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide) and reference conditions (oxygen, pressure, flow, temperature, humidity) were monitored, the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

Three chimneys are also connected to the distillation unit, bringing the company’s number of connected chimneys to six out of 21.

The Minister of Environment explained that with this connection, the total number of industrial facilities connected to the governorates of Greater Cairo reaches 16 facilities and 84 chimneys, while the total number of industrial facilities connected to the national network for monitoring industrial emissions across the country reaches 95 facilities, representing 477 chimneys. .

Dr. Yasmine Fouad said that the Ministry, through the Environmental Affairs Agency, is implementing continuous electronic tracking and monitoring measures for company branches connected to the national network, using computer networks to monitor any emissions throughout the day to ensure their compliance with the limits allowed under environmental laws. .

She highlighted the continued efforts of the Ministry of Environment and its two agencies to expand the industrial emissions monitoring network as one of the fundamental tools for collecting data on emission quality and emissions from industrial facilities and analyzing these data to help provide a clear understanding of the air quality in the areas where these facilities are located .

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