Ceramic Art brings together Salwa Rushdi, Ahmed Al-Wakil, Hoda Mowafi and Salah Taher

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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Books- Mohammad Shakir:
The Egyptian Opera House is hosting an exhibition titled “Ceramics” dedicated to three artists: Salva Rushdie, Ahmed Alwakir and Hoda Ahmed Al-Mowafi.

The exhibition opens at Salah Taher Hall on Monday, December 18 at 7pm and runs until Wednesday, December 27.

A total of 90 works are displayed in the exhibition, each of which carries a different vision of ceramic art, combining craft heritage with contemporary technology to create a unique artistic fusion.

It is worth noting that these three artists studied under the master ceramics Saeed Hamid Al-Sadr (nicknamed the “Pottery Wizard”), and thus successfully created their own unique artistic style , as Salwa Rushdi believes. Numerous local and international private exhibitions, and the Museum of Modern Art holds many of her works.

Ahmed Al-Wakil and Hoda Al-Mowafi have participated in many exhibitions, including the 5th Applied Arts Exhibition (Association of Art Lovers), the 1st Annual Art Exhibition of Egyptian Artists, Egypt Working in Kuwait Artist exhibition, “Kuwait Art Association” comprehensive exhibition, etc.

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