Al-Ahly is the Al-Ittihad cemetery with the “red and green” and plaster balls of victory.Reaction to Arab World Cup Summit

Etihad club widely mocked after defeat to Al Ahli

It’s a sad night for fans of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ittihad club. The first team lost 3-1 to Al Ahli of Egypt in the second round of the 2023 Club World Cup on Friday night.

The result was brutal for Federation fans, especially since the current version of the world championship is held on Saudi soil, specifically in the city of Jeddah.

With this result, Dean bid farewell to the tournament, while the Egyptian powerhouse qualified for the semi-finals of the Club World Cup. There he will have a date with Brazilian team Fluminense.

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Reactions from Al Ittihad fans varied, including mocking their stars; in particular Abdullah Mayouf and France striker Karim Benzema, and accusing the head of the Saudi sports community of not properly Prepare the team.

Fans of rival clubs, particularly Al-Halal and Al-Ahli, also stepped in to “laugh” at Al-Ittihad’s situation, while Egyptians expressed their pride in the Red Castle while commenting on Saudi journalist Al-Waleed’s comments Al-Faraj retaliated by describing football in the land of the Pharaohs as “gypsum”.

The Arabic version of the GOAL website looks back at the most prominent fan reactions to the Saudi Arabian Federation and Egypt’s Al Ahly at the Club World Cup Arab Summit.

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