A young woman who loved “bubble milk tea” had 300 stones removed from her kidneys

Food plays an important role in fighting cancer, but how important is this role in protecting people from and treating malignant diseases?

To answer this question, clinical nutritionist Zeina Suwaidan told Al Hurra, “Food is crucial in the fight against cancer.”

She adds: “Many foods are rich in beneficial ingredients that help fight many diseases and eliminate harmful substances from the body.”

However, “food alone is not enough,” says Suwaidan, who says this must be accompanied by “a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, maintaining a moderate weight and getting enough sleep every day.”

The “Al-Youm” program of the “Al-Hurra” channel recalled in Wednesday’s episode the story of a young Jordanian who, after realizing the benefits of “Agarix” mushrooms, became involved in a business cultivating “Agarix” mushrooms. project. .

In an interview with Al Hurra, Imran Fawaz said that he was inspired by the project to cultivate Agaricus blazei mushroom after learning that it is effective in fighting cancer in the early stages of its spread. .

He added that scientific studies have proven that Agaricus blazei “can fight and inhibit cancer cells, in addition to its other health benefits.”

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and in one study publish In May last year, the scientific journal MDBI confirmed that edible fungi have anti-cancer effects in the laboratory and in vivo against various types of tumors, including female breast cancer.

The study found that promising results can be achieved by combining traditional and complementary medicine, including the use of a variety of products including herbs, vitamins and nutrients.

In this context, mushroom consumption becomes not only a source of important nutrients but also a potential complementary and alternative medicine and serves as an adjunct to traditional chemotherapy or radiotherapy, enhancing its effectiveness or reducing its side effects, with interesting results .

Fawaz, a young Jordanian, expressed his willingness to help others who want to grow “Agarix” mushrooms, a project he said “generates economic income for its owners and provides employment opportunities for others.”

In this context, Abdul Rahman Al-Labban, a specialist in hematology and oncology, told Al-Hurra that “fungi have been used for therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years,” adding that “people have reconsidered due to medical reasons. Using fungi to treat cancer. Developments over the past two decades.”

“Food has played an important role in the cancer patient’s journey since its discovery,” Alraban said, but it remains “a supporting factor rather than the primary factor.”

“Diet is important to avoid side effects, including reducing the incidence of certain infections caused by immune deficiencies caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy,” he added.

Al-Labban also pointed out that recent studies have proven that certain compounds in fungi can effectively improve the treatment of cancer patients “by 10 to 20 percent.”

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